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The meaning of your
communication is the
response you get

English Express helps you

transform how you think

transform how you write

transform how you speak

communicate what you really want to say
— and be understood.

achieve amazing results



Discover the magic of writing well in English. Find out how my coaching and editing can transform your thinking, transform how you express those thoughts and produce the positive responses you want from your readers.

English Express specialises in coaching and editing for the academic world, particularly in the humanities, social sciences, engineering, building and construction and law. I bring the best of English to do justice to your research and ensure your readers understand your work as clearly as possible. My highly regarded editing skills are most commonly applied to:

  • PhD and Masters dissertations
  • Articles for academic journals
  • University research reports
  • Promotion applications
  • Funding applications
  • Web profiles and resumes

Plain English, clarity, disambiguation, vocabulary, punctuation, flow, structure and style are all aspects of writing and editing that are used to help your thesis, report, application or profile be the best it can be while remaining true to its academic rigour and the ethical requirements of your university or target journal.

Coaching and editing is a team effort between you and the editor, and I always honour  your ownership of the text while maintaining quality and integrity.

To discuss your requirements and obtain a free estimate, please click on the Contact link above.

Coaching 1:1

My 1:1 writing coaching is not only transformative, it’s fun. Academics and students alike learn how to write clear effective English that means what they really want to say and generates the positive response they are seeking from their readers.

It’s also an investment that can save you time, money and stress just as you are finishing your thesis. This is because your writing skills will be so much better and you will need less, if any, editing. In addition, you will have acquired life skills that will be of value to you throughout your career!

My coaching makes it easy for you to:

  • transform the quality of your thinking and reflect this in your writing
  • communicate accurately what you really mean – and ensure your readers understand you
  • boost your confidence and mastery of a life skill
  • help you get the promotion or funding you are looking for
  • achieve greater publishing success, including in higher ranking journals.

Please click on the Contact link above to discuss your requirements.


“My presentation went unbelievably well. The feedback was unanimously positive and candidature confirmed! I went to bed that evening so proud of myself. You were a big part of it, meeting you and working with you helped me transform my dreams and ambitions into crystal clear communication. I learned so much along the way. ” Bernadette Hardy

Writing Workshops for Research Students, Academics and Corporate Groups

English Express runs tailored workshops to help clients write with optimum clarity and communicate what they really mean. This means they:

  • critique their own writing effectively
  • save time and editing costs
  • acquire an approach to writing that is independent of discipline and content
  • develop better writing skills overall
  • obtain the outcomes they are seeking.

Coaching options:

  • 1- or 2-hour individual coaching sessions
  • Tailored 2-hour, half-day or whole-day workshops and writing retreats for small (6-10) or large (11-30) groups
  • Editor-in-Residence: a unique program for busy academics.

The format involves explanation, discussion, demonstration and practical working through of examples, including clients’ own examples.

Please click on the Contact link above to find out more.

Hazel Baker

Hazel Baker is a lifelong journalist, writer, editor and writing coach whose expertise has helped her clients achieve outstanding results.

She has a BA in English and French and is particularly skilled at working with people who come from a non-English speaking background.

Hazel has worked in Africa, the UK, the USA and Australia. Among her many clients in Australia have been UNSW, the Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering, the University of Sydney, the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), ABB, Appen and UTS, as well as many other government departments and commercial organisations.

She currently specialises in academic editing and in coaching academics and tertiary students in writing for success.

Hazel is a Professional Member of IPEd, the Institute of Professional Editors in Australia and New Zealand, and is an IPEd Ambassador.



About us

To find out more about English Express services, to chat about your ideas and requirements or to request a free quote, please call me on the number here during business hours or send me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

0414 955 334

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